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If you're considering dog daycare or dog walking services and reside in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga or Milton, DogsUnlimited Daytime is definitely worth a look. Founded and operated by professional dog training and behaviour consultant Mark McConnell, DogsUnlimited Daytime is more adept to "Dog Day Tripping" than ordinary dog daycare or dog walking. Affectionately known as "The Happy Bus" by friends and clients alike, DogsUnlimited Daytime is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy dog owners, and most importantly the dogs themselves.

The Happy Bus differs from traditional dog daycare and dog walking in many ways, most notably in the key areas of Stimulation, Socialization, and Exercise. Regular dog daycares and dog walkers may occupy your dog for a specific period of time, but the Happy Bus adds function. A professional behaviour and training consultant is at the helm of the Happy Bus each day making sure your doggy day tripper remains mentally stimulated, properly socialized, and receives the physical exercise required to remain a well balanced member of your family.
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